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Stay Connected!

Do you want to meet fellow college students that are interested in becoming entrepreneurs and creating a startup business? Do you want to meet local entrepreneurs, business leaders, and additional resources in the business community?

Then stay connected with us to receive important updates on when to meet and speak with leading entrepreneurs, business executives and government leaders through our UNM listserv email, UNMBIZPLAN-L (see below) and the UNM Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization's (CEO) Facebook page:

If you prefer to receive text messages about upcoming events and deadlines for the UNM Business Plan Competition, contact Alberto SolSolíss at or (505) 277-6172.

Anderson's Facebook Page

Check out Anderson's Facebook page for important updates about the UNM Business Plan Competition:

Subscribe to the UNM Business Plan Listserv

UNMBIZPLAN-L is an 'announcement-type' list, meaning that only the list owners are allowed to post messages to the listserv. It is not a discussion list, primarily to keep the volume of messages low so that only critical UNM Business Plan Competition emails come to you.

Questions about the UNM Business Plan Competition and this listserv can be sent to Alberto Solís (


1. Send an email to from the address you wish to be subscribed.
Leave the Subject field blank. In the body of message (with no other text) type:

subscribe unmBIZPLAN-L firstname lastname (Where 'firstname' is your first name, and 'lastname' is your last name.)

Delete your signature, if you use one, and send the message.

2. Once the subscription request is approved, a notification will be e-mailed to you --

You will need to confirm your subscription by clicking on the link in the confirmation email -- this is an added step that provides additional security for the entire list.